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Am I too old to run away from home?

The past few days have been really shitty.

I'm really starting to hate my job. Between all of the infighting between the office staff and the warehouse staff, the power struggles with our various project teams, and the mass exodus from my department, I loathe coming to the office in the morning. I've become like Peter from Office Space. To paraphrase:
"It's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care.
It's a problem of motivation, all right? Now if I work my ass off and my company ships a few extra units, I don't see another dime; so where's the motivation? And here's something else, I have eight different bosses right now. (Actually, I have five different bosses, but that's just as bad)
So that means that when I make a mistake, I have five different people coming by to tell me about it. That's my only real motivation is not to be hassled; that, and the fear of losing my job. But you know, that will only make someone work just hard enough not to get fired. "

On top of that, I've come to the conclusion that my new dog is as dumb as a box of rocks. Several weeks of on-and-off training, and he's still as rambunctious and destructive as ever. I don't have the time, the patience, or the inclination to work with him properly. I think I made a mistake in taking in a stray. Does anyone want a rat terrier / Rottweiler mix, who is very sweet and has a good temperament, but just needs more attention than I am able or willing to provide?

Right now, the only thing I want to do is grab a change of clothes and a book or two, drive to Kentucky, and stay at the monastery for a day or so. I want to get away from the world, live a simpler life, and just let everything that is not important truly slide. Even that isn't good, because I'm turning the location of a group of devoted and hard-working men into a vacation resort. If my car was in better shape (tires, brakes, tune-up), and if I had the money, I'd grab those clothes, throw a dart at the map, and just DRIVE.
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