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Scott Baio is 45...and frickin hilarious!

As the latest way to combat insomnia, I'm watching VH1's "Scott Baio is 45...and Single". It's so funny. Scott Baio (ex-Chachi, ex-Charles in charge) is dealing with his midlife crisis, and trying to figure out why he can't commit to a long-term relationship. to this end, he's hired a "life coach" to help him.
Part of his "treatment" is to talk with his ex-girlfriends. Apparently, Erin Moran (Joanie) was the first girl Scott slept with. They got together for lunch, and I realized a few things: Erin Moran has not aged well, and according to her, Scott has a tiny penis.
Also, apparently being an ex-child star with a small dick is not an impediment to being a major horn-dog. This guy has cheated on just about all of his girlfriends, usually with a stripper or centerfold model.

This is really quite interesting, in a demented and sad sort of way. Listening to him talk, he is so pathetic. The highlight of his day is playing golf with Jason Hervey from The Wonder Years. He's a self-centered misogynistic brat who hates the fact that people still call him Chachi. Yet you know that deep down, he really wants to change. He meets with this coach (a sort of therapist) every week, swallows a lot of pride in talking to his exes and asking them what he did wrong, and has agreed to stay separated from his current girlfriend-almost-fiancee for two months while he tries to work things out.

I'm not normally a reality-TV fan, but this is a show that I may follow to the end. This is a guy who, except for being semi-famous, isn't too different from a lot of guys I know. He likes to play golf, drink scotch with his buddies who are either happily married or terminal bachelors, has managed to avoid taking responsibility for his messed-up love life, and doesn't really like the idea that his best years are behind him and he's looking at the downward slide toward being along in his old age.

Next week should be interesting: Scott goes a comedy club and is roasted by one of his ex-girlfriends on stage. Better him than me.
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