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Sometimes I really hate my job.

I hate the fact that for the past few weeks, and for the coming months, I am expected to work 12 hour days, and if I leave "early", that is, before 6:00pm (after coming in by 6:30am or earlier), I get some dirty looks.

I hate that it is naturally assumed that I will be on call at all hours of the day and night for the stupidest questions from our store managers, who don't have enough computer savvy to realize that when I say "press the Page Down key", that this mean they have to press the button marked PgDn on their keyboard.

I hate the fact in order to get the frickin software to do what it's supposed to (in this case, synchronize the local data on the user's computer with the master data on the network), I need to tweak something in the Windows Registry and hope and pray it works, instead of having a simple Synchronize Data function in the software's administrative console.

I hate that I have to rely on Google newsgroups to find answers to my questions (such as how to synchronize the local data with the master data), rather than having them listed in the online documentation, which apparently hasn't been updated in around 6 years.

And I REALLY hate the fact that it is 11:07pm, and I'm wide awake and wired from having to get this frickin software fixed before I could get a moment's rest, and I have to get up in less than six hours in order to get to the office by 6:30am and start this shit all over again.
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