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Max found a new home Monday.

I had posted a flier at the local Panera. Somebody called Monday night wanting to know when she could meet him. I was already in my pajamas, so I suggested the following night, but she was so enthusiastic that I relented, gave her directions to the house, threw on some jeans, and took Max out the front of the house to wait for her.

She and her 12 year old son showed up, and it was love at first sight. Max was sweet, adorable, loving, and just melted her heart. She and her husband are pastors and work with a rehab facility, so I felt very confident about her ability to deal with a less-than-always-obedient dog. They recently bought a house in a new subdivision, and plans to build a fence in the springtime. Max jumped right up and snuggled up to them, so he certainly did his part to seal the deal. Fifteen minutes later, she had all of his papers, dishes, toys and blanket in her car (a nice new Dodge Charger, so he;ll be traveling in style), and she drove away with Max on her son's lap.

I called her tonight to check on him, and she said that it was like he had been there for ages. He followed her around the house, sat on her lap whenever she sat down, and basically was a big sweetie. I couldn't be happier.
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