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Mass Appeal, 3rd Sunday of Advent: Bonus Feature

As I indicated in my earlier (rather vitriolic) post, I felt that I did not actually attend a licit Mass this morning, so I went to a second Mass this evening at St. Roch.

I've already reviewed this church in Week 1, but I will provide some updated ratings.

Church architecture:
No change there, except that as a less-crowded Mass, I was able to get a better look at everything. The crucifix on the back wall is actually a large wood panel, with the crucifix in the center, and icons of the Apostles on either side (a la St Gertrude, for one faithful reader). No piles of boxes in front of the altar (although there were about a half-dozen gift bags, not enough to obscure anything).
No change in the rating of 3.5, but unless they knocked down a wall or something, there wouldn't be.

The music:
I really do like their pipe organ. It has a high, clear sound, and during some parts, it almost sounded like a choir of trumpets. There was only one cantor tonight (a twentysomething blonde who has a good, but not great, singing voice), the hymns were a little more modern than last time (probably geared for a more casual congregation than a few weeks ago), but still a damn sight better than St Jude.
No change in the rating, but a reassurance that my original 4 was right on target.

The priest:
Same priest, but a better service. No announcements to take away from the meaning of the homily (which I actually remember: seek Jesus in the quiet places - ALRIGHT ALREADY!). After this morning, such a simple, humble man almost brought me to tears.
Upon further review, I am changing my rating. The priest still scores a 3.5, but his homily moves up to a 3.5 as well. Keeping it cohesive with the Gospel reading definitely helps.

The liturgy:
It was like night and day compared to St. Jude. The readings and gospel were the same, but without all of the distractions of the presents, the drums, and the preening priest, the message came across so much clearer. As the priest read the Gospel, and spoke the words of Jesus, I could truly feel that he was in persona Christe.
It still irked me slightly when he referred to the disciples as "friends", but I can live with that.
This one also moves up the charts, to a solid 3.

Other: naturally, a much smaller crowd than a few weeks ago, and the Mass was about 15 minutes shorter as a result. During the Sign of Peace, the priest greeted and shook the hands of the people in the first row, but didn't overdo it and make it drag out. One thing I noticed (and rejoiced about) was that as people left the church, the bells rang out. That definitely earns them bonus points.

Based on this second look, I am going to revise my overall ranking, from a 3.5 to a 4.
As evidenced, I feel comfortable returning here, and while I still want to return to Holy Rosary after this self-appointed sabbatical (and occasional pennance), I could see this being a solid backup, especially since it has an evening Mass.
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