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Beauty and the Beast

I've been watching the Beauty and the Beast TV series on DVD this week.

Some of the episodes really tug at your heartstrings; the chivalry of Vincent, the selflessness of both of them, the pain of love unfulfilled. There have been one or two that have left me misty-eyed. I am such a wuss.

A few of the episodes have introductions by Ron Perlman (Vincent) and Lina Hamilton (Katherine). Mind you, they are doing these intros almost 20 years after the TV series, and I know that the character in the TV show is not the same as the actor who play them, but Linda Hamilton looks old and worn out. I'm not trying to be shallow or callous, but she looks every bit of 50 years old, and then some. She has that pulled-back-against-the-skull, preserved leather tightness in her face that you see in some older women who kill themselves with their personal trainer by day and red wine by night. She may have even had a face lift somewhere in the past. However, it doesn't hide her age around her eyes; they look kind of droopy (in fact, she looks half-stoned). She dresses like a combination of Stevie Nicks and a bag lady. I'm sorry, but if you're going to be doing a DVD commentary, leave the shawl and three-foot-long necklace at home. Sadly, a far cry from Beauty, or from Sarah Conner in the Terminator movies.

Ron Perlman is a different story, but for a different reason. Ron has probably played more roles under makeup and prosthetics than he has out, so whenever you see him with his real face, you don't have as much on-camera footage to compare with. In this commentary, he has a gray beard which is very evocative of the lion-like appearance of Vincent in the series, and his leather jacket and simple black shirt and pants have a clean, masculine, earthy look. Plus, in listening to him, he sounds like he may have actually read some of the same books as Vincent, referencing Johnathan Swift and Shakespeare, and seeming a little more grounded than Linda.

None of this, of course, takes away from my enjoyment of the TV show. I've seen these episodes countless times (I remember taping them when they were on the Family Channel, and watching and re-watching them), but it is still by far one of my top ten TV series, and one that I would be happy to spend money for the complete series box set.
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