Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You (tallguy) wrote,
Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You

I can't believe it

I'm just numb.

I grew up in NEw Jersey, and the twin towers was just part of the skyline. You never questioned them, and you never thought something like this could happen. When they were attacked in 1993, and when the subway station near it was attacked in 1995, everyone thought that it was just terrible, but no one ever thought of something like this.

When I heard the planes had flown into them, I was on my way to work. I stopped at the nearest department store and practically demanded that they turn on the news. They couldn't; they didn't have any sort of antenna to get outside reception. I was glued to my radio on the drive in, and I stopped at Kat's job to talk to her. I also had to call my mom. My dad used to work in the Trade Center, and I know his company still did work there. Fortunately, he wasn't there. However, I got some other bad news. My aunt's mother passed away. Also, and this just really pisses me off, Mom told me that Dad has started taking out his frustration with his job on her. I was physically abused as a child, and now I guess Dad's started with Mom. We're going to see if she wants to come out here for a few weeks.

Anyway, I got back in my car and started heading for work when I heard about the Pentagon being attacked, and then about the first tower collapsing. I pretty much stormed into work and made a beeline for the nearest TV. I just sat there, dazed and unbelieving of the carnage.

Then the second tower fell.

I still can't believe this happened. They were just there. You never think that something like this can happen on US soil, and never thought of something just devastating New York and the nation like this.

I think once the smoke and dust clears, it will really hit me what has happened. The next time I go East and look at the changed skyline, I don't know how well I'll hold up.
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