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For the first time in my entire life, I am living by myself, with no other people under the same roof.

So far, it's kind of surreal. I'm used to sleeping alone (although when there's two dogs lying on you, can you really consider that being alone, and when they press their cold noses against your back, can you really consider that sleeping), and I've been over at her place moving stuff in more than I've been in the house (that's another thing: I can't think of it as "my" house in the possessive sense, since I'm trying very hard to distance myself from it, so I only refer to it as "the" house in an impersonal manner. Just think of the airport screener scene from Fight Club, and you'll understand the sort of concept I'm getting at).

I'm going to be busy setting up my washer and dryer and doing the usual household chores tonight, and I wouldn't normally see her on Monday nights anyway (she has a late class, and wouldn't get home until after 10:30).

The test will be Tuesday. I would normally see her at some point, maybe go out to dinner or split a pizza, or at least acknowledge her presence as we crossed paths in the kitchen. As it is, I'll probably do some more packing of her stuff, and she may even stop by while I'm at work and pick some of her stuff up, but I think that's going to be the first night that it will hit home that Kat doesn't live here anymore, and I'm on my own.
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