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Cars suck

In case you're looking, that trail of red stuff behind me is me bleeding out my ass from having to put new brakes on my car.

If it was just the brake shoes, it would have been around $150, well within the budget.

But NOOOOO! When they looked at the front disc brakes, they determined that if they machined the rotors (a necessary step if the rotors have excess wear), the rotors would be below the necessary thickness for the brakes to grab. Therefore, I needed to cough up an additional $250 for new front disc rotors.

$400 total. That pretty much pisses away any disposable income I had for the next two weeks.

It's a good thing I just bought some kitchenware and cooking utensils. It looks like I'll be eating at home for a while. Time to see if I can make more than just canned soup.
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