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Happy Lenten Hump Day!

The three things we are called to do during the Lenten season is prayer, alms giving, and penance. How is everyone doing so far?

If you're anything like me, you've managed to go to a few extra Masses or said an extra rosary or two, but not as many as you would like.
You've tossed a few extra bucks in the collection basket, but it was just some extra spending money, not really enough to make you notice.
Finally, the sacrifices you committed to at the beginning of Lent have taken a few hard knocks. You may have accidentally (or not so accidentally) slipped a time or two, and every day you suffer your particular sacrifice (giving up cigarettes, coffee, chocolate, or other minor inconveniences) seems like it will never end, and you can't wait until it's over.

Well, this should give you some hope. Today is the halfway point between Ash Wednesday and Easter. You are closer to the end of Lent than to the beginning. You've made it this far, and you can really start to look forward to the Easter celebration.

Just remember that before we can celebrate Christ's resurrection, we need to mourn his death. Take a deep breath. We are now entering into the "dark days" of Lent, when all the color (except for violet) leaves the church. The statues and paintings in the church are covered up, and in a little over three weeks, we will enter the Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday, when we are reminded in great detail of the suffering, crucifixion, and death of the Son of God.

Don't despair, though; rejoice. By the sacrifice of his death, Christ has set us free from our own condemnation, and by his resurrection, he has vouchsafed our future in heavenly glory with Him and the Father. This Sunday, come to the altar of our Lord and taste of his feast. With the incredible gift of salvation and eternal life that Jesus has given us, surely we can persevere for another 23 days.
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