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Insomnia sucks

I can't believe it. It's quarter past midnight, and I am wide awake. I am not the slightest bit tired.

For most of the past two weeks, I have had lousy sleep. Most nights, I wake up around 3am, and just cannot get back to sleep. I've tried warm milk, boring late night TV, warm showers, and a few other remedies, and nothing seems to help. I'd have a drink or two, but I don't have anything. Plus, I gave it up for Lent, and considering my state of mind lately, using alcohol to self-medicate would be a very bad thing. Last Monday, I was up until nearly 5am.

I have never taken a sleeping pill in my life, but I really wonder if it's time to hit the all-night drugstore and pick up a package of Unisom. I need something to knock my ass out for 7 or 8 hours. OF course, if I took that now, I wouldn't wake up until nearly 9 in the morning.

I'll give it an hour, and if I'm still awake...I'll give it another hour.

EDIT: Late night TV really sucks when you don't have satellite or cable. Three infomercials, an entertainment show, a ballet on PBS, and various other dreck. Too bad Kat got most of the DVDs in the divorce.
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