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Mass Appeal: March 16 (Palm Sunday)

I was planning on going to St John's in downtown Indy, but I forgot the Bing Ten tournament was going on. No parking for blocks. I hightailed it to St Luke's on the northside.

Naturally, the architecture and music wasn't really changed, but the priest was.
The last time I went here, Father Meyer was the celebrant. Today, it was Father Steven Giannini.

Father Giannini looks a lot like Armin Shimerman, and has a very dry voice. Still, he's a good priest. Not great; he isn't nearly as charismatic as Fr. Meyer, and based on his resume (Episcopal vicar for clergy and parish life coordinators: formation and personnel; archdiocesan judge, Metropolitan Tribunal) is probably better at the adminstrative responsibilites of being a priest than the ligurgial tasks, but I can't really complain.

However, I do have to say that for a Gospel that is supposed to retell the Passion of Christ, it was a very dispassionate reading. I am normally not against having women lectors, but the two they had today were not what you would call inspiring. One of them was an elderly woman who, as the voice of Judas, Pilate, and Peter, just didn't seem to have the right gravitas. The other woman was doing a cold reading. She could have been reading from a recipe book. Fr. Giannini was also a little on the bland side, but having been to several of his Masses, I know that's just his style. I was a little disappointed; in the past, I've found the reading very moving.

I'm not going to change any of my ratings. This is still a good church, and I don't mind coming here when the need arises. I still would've liked to have gone to St John's; I think it would have been beautiful.
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