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Oh bollocks!

Well, THIS was a bloody useless day.

Long story short, our company was doing a major systems upgrade this weekend, and we were told that we needed to be available for a conference call at 12:00, and ready to come to the office by 2:00 for testing. Because of that, I could not go to the Latin Mass in southeastern Indiana. (If you've read my previous entry, you know where I wound up).

At the 12:00 call, we were told that there were some problems, and that we did not need to report to the office at 2:00, but to stay online to check email, be in on a 4:00 call and ready to come to the office at 6:00.

At the 4:00 call, the problems still had not been resolved. Our testers, who were scheduled to come in at 6:00, were told to "stand by", and we would have a call at 8:00.

That call just happened, and it was pretty succinct: it's still not ready, our contractors will be burning the midnight oil to get it all done, no additional staff need report, we'll take up the issue in the morning.

That means that I just pretty much pissed away a Sunday, a day which I would have liked to have spent out and about. I could have gone to that Latin Mass after all; hell, I could have gone to Louisville, Kentucky, checked out a museum, gone to Vespers at the monastery, and still made it home before full dark (it's 8:15pm now, and there's still some light outside).

On the up side, if you want to call it that, I did watch the entire first season of "Entourage",and took a nap.
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