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The past week has been like old home week for me.

Last week, I spent nearly an hour talking with my old buddy Gumball (real name is Brian, but I'm one of the few who can still call him by his old RHPS nickname). Turns out he's probably getting married next year.

Earlier today, I spent 15 minutes talking with Sharon, a former coworker, and another half-hour talking with Brent, another former coworker. I'm probably meeting Sharon for drinks this week or next, and Brent wants me to come over for dinner some evening.

Just now, I spent 50 minutes talking with Rachel, a friend from college and an almost-girlfriend. Of all of my female friends, she is the one I trust the most, because she knew me when I was young, thin, had hair, and was with me for all of my ups and downs in my love life. I bent her ear about my divorce, and the next time I'm in NJ, we'll have dinner either in NYC or in Westchester County.

These are people that I knew (and sometimes loved) from some of the best times of my life. Two of them know me from before I met Heather. To a person, I haven't spoken with any of them at great length since the divorce. Maybe I'm just reminiscing too much, but now that I'm making good progress on rebuilding my life and self-image, I think I need to keep in touch with them. They remember what I used to be like, way back when, and maybe they can help me find all the good things that I left behind. (Granted, the strip clubs, drunken bar crawls, and self-indulgent egotism is probably best left forgotten).

You know, if I got in touch with Burke (another college buddy), the trip back to the 1990s would be complete.

EDIT @ 9:20pm: And the calls just keep on coming. I just spent 45 minutes chatting with my friend Glenn. This was my best friend from high school, but he never, never calls me, even when I leave him message after message.
Well, he finally called me back. We're going to meet for dinner (and drinks) when I'm out in NJ this June, and he's going to help me plan something for my 40th birthday.
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