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I'm just full of good deeds.

We've been staffing a call center at work, and it's usually a mix of IT and customer service.
I was looking at the schedule to see when I was in there next. It turns out my shift isn't until Monday.

However, I saw that the three IT staffers who were scheduled were busy with other projects and wouldn't be able to answer phones. Of the three customer service staffers, two of them usually spend their shift in their offices, and only came into the call center once or twice a night.

Before I knew it, I volunteered to work the center tonight. I was there from 5:30 to 9:30, gave up hanging out with Kat, and only left because we hadn't received a phone call in over an hour.

I thought that was it for being a nice guy for the night. Wrong.

As I'm driving home on the highway, I'm just being casual, not in any particular hurry. Suddenly, about a quarter mile in front of me, I see headlights swinging around, and a car in the center lane starts doing a 360. Traffic swerves out of the way, and when the car stops spinning, it slowly and unsteadily makes it's way to the left shoulder.

No way in hell I'm passing by that one. I pull in behind her and get out to check on her. Apparently a semi-tractor tried to change lanes and plowed into her back door. The driver was very shaken up, and she's in the car with three kids. I offer to call the cops, but she's already on the phone, so I turn on my flashers and wait with her for the police to show up.

In hindsight, I didn't really do anything but calm her down a little, make sure she and the kids were OK, and give the cops a statement when they show up. Still, if I didn't stop, I would have felt ashamed for not doing the decent thing.

I guess God put me in the right place at the right time to show some simple kindness. He's good about that.
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