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Mass Appeal: Deleted Scene

Before I start in on the Mass I attended today, let me comment on the Mass that I skipped.

I originally planned to go to Mass at St Thomas More Church in Mooresville IN.

As I drove up, I saw that the church building was a bit on the small side. Still, on the outside, it definitely looked like a church...a Lutheran church. I missed it the first time, and had to turn around in the high school parking lot and drive back around before I saw the sign that said "Catholic Church."

I got out of my car and started walking towards the door. I was wearing navy blue Dockers, an oxford shirt, and black loafers. I was by far the best dressed person in the parking lot; most of the others were in jeans and T-shirts, some of which would have best been left in whatever laundry hamper / dumpster they were pulled out of.

As I walked in, the first thing that caught my eye was the projector screens, both of them.
WTF? This is a small church, with maybe 14 or 15 rows of pews. It's effectively just one big rectangular room, maybe a little bit bigger than a four-car detached garage. What the hell do they need video projectors for?

The band was tuning up as well. This wasn't just some guitars and a keyboard; there were two electric guitars, a bass player, a full drum kit, and a double rack of keyboards. They probably had a gig at the local roadhouse the night before and were trying to shake off the beer and cigarette smell from their instruments. The woman singer had dirty hair down to her butt, loosely braided, and a voice that would curdle milk.

Pressing on, I got into a pew (and a narrow pew it was; I couldn't help but kick the kneeler behind me when I knelt down) and started to pray. I didn't get very far. Between the band tuning up, the kids running around, the adults chattering away, and the general disorder of the place, I didn't stay for more than a minute before I "suddenly got a call on my phone, and had to leave immediately". As I walked back to my car, there was a snot-nosed little kid leaning against it. I scared the hell out of him when I unlocked the car and the horn beeped.

In the two and a half years I have been going to Mass, I have never walked out of a church like that. Even the worst Mass I've gone to had some sort of decorum and respect. These people were unbelievable. Needless to say, I did not bother going back in. I sat in my car shaking my head at it all. THIS is why the Pope came to the United States, to save us from this sort of disintegration of the True Church.

I can't comment on the priest, the liturgy, the musical selection, or anything else, but for the first time, I am giving a rating of zero. There may be some decent, hardworking people in there, but God help them.

I did eventually make it to a Catholic Mass. I will post the entry about that on Monday.
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