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Let's try again

After over a month of not giving a damn, Kat and I are restarting our health improvement plan. We went to Wild Oats Sunday and bought $130 of groceries, probably a third of which we could have done quite well without. Sunday night, I weighed in at just under 200 lbs. I'm getting the paunch back, and I don't like it one damn bit. I've started keeping track of my meals on, and so far I've stayed within my dietary guidelines (under 2400 cal/day, under 65 grams of fat).

Now I have to work on the physical exercise part of the program. I haven't gone to fitness center since before Sept 11, and I lost my keys since then, so I couldn't go if I wanted to. Amy Walters gave me a new set, so now I have no excuses but my own lack of willpower.

So far today, I've had a large bowl of organic cereal, and about 10 prunes (or as they are now called "dried plums". Call them what you wish, they still give people the shits). Lunch will be a container of couscous salad, and dinner will probably be some sort of casserole. I think I have some sort of health screening tomorrow, so I'll have a good baseline to work from.
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