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Now THAT'S a blockbuster!

I saw Iron Man last night with a couple of buddies (our semi-regular Geek Night).

Let me be one of the many to say...WOW!

That was by far the best sci-fi / superhero movie I've seen in the past five years. I would even put it above Batman Begins, and just a tick behind Spider Man 2. The action was everything a fanboy could hope for, with enough social commentary to make it interesting without being too jingoistic.

I thought the choice of Gwenneth Paltrow for Pepper Potts was interesting, in the same way as Kirsten Dunst playing Mary Jane in Spiderman. Neither of them would have been my first choice (and what is it with Marvel choosing beautiful blondes to play still-attractive-but-not-stunning redheads), but they pull it off nicely.

I've never been a rabid Iron Man fan (or any sort of Marvel fan; I've always been a DC afficionado), but I know enough of the history of the character, and the various media in which it has appeared, to get nearly all of the subtle and not-so-subtle references strewn about. There were two sequels that there is no question will be made (one of the characters came right out and said so), and depending on how some other Marvel movies do, this could spawn quite a few more than just those two.

Let me run down my summer movie list:
Iron Man - check, and I'll probably see it again
Speed Racer - it will wait until the dollar theater or DVD
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - on the books for our next Geek night. When the trailer for this played before Iron Man, half of the audience started humming along to the music.
The Incredible Hulk - It has to be better than the Ang Lee version. I won't see it the first week, but a Sunday matinee.
WALL-E - It looks really cute, but I'll wait for DVD; I don't want to deal with a theater full of kids
Hancock - a dollar theater movie
Hellboy II - depends on the reviews, pencil it in for the dollar theater.
The Dark Knight - The #1 movie I've been waiting for. DEFINITELY a Geek Night movie. It's too bad I don't have my Joker shirt from when the 1989 movie was all the buzz; I saw one like it at Hot Topic for $30.
The X Files: I Want To Believe - I'll wait for the DVD this winter, then do an X-fest some cold and snowy weekend.
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - another Sunday matinee, after watching the first two on DVD the day before. No Rachel Weitz, no Steven Sommers, I'm thinking this may land with a thud.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - how did this one slip under my radar?
The Women - Don't laugh; I really want to see this. I love the original, and according to the pics and early buzz, this may be the movie to re-energize Meg Ryan's career.

Then this fall, there are two biggies:
Quantum of Solace - the next James Bond movie. Terrible title, but I have high hopes.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - time for things to get REALLY dark.
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