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Mass Appeal: A double-shot

Yesterday was the feast of Pentecost, and I was the beneficiary of a special grace. I was able to attend two different Masses, in two different traditions, at two different churches. With so many differences, and since these are return visits to parishes I have previously reviewed, I will start each one with the tale of the tape listing the particulars of each, and then go a little freeform.

May 11: Pentecost

First Mass
Parish: Holy Rosary
Rite: Novus Ordo
Priest: Msgr. Schaedel

Liturgically, this was one of the better Masses I've been to lately. I always like it when Msgr. Schaedel celebrates the Mass. This Mass was particularly special. May is the month most closely associated with Mary, and lest we forget, Sunday was also Mother's Day. Msgr had just lost his mother, but from what I hear, it was a blessing for her to leave this earth and be with our Blessed Mother Mary. Despite his loss, it was a joyous day.

Unfortunately, the Mass was flawed by the return of the organ-accompanied Our Father. Now I have to admit, if it was any other prayer, I wouldn't mind. The melody is actually somewhat pleasant, in a Methodist sort of way. But c'mon. This is the one prayer that you absolutely don't need to jazz up.

I saw a few friends there as well (love the hat, Kat), which I have missed with all of my wanderings. Yesterday was also the first communion for a little girl, and she was absolutely precious.

My rating: 4 out of 5
Despite the cold, rainy day, I was a in a bright mood when I left.

Second Mass
Parish: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Rite: Traditional Latin Mass
Priest: Fr. Cano, FSSP

I wasn't too sure about going to this one. Since I had already been to Mass, I thought this was a little of an overindulgence on my part. Still, I promised to give Una Voce's effort another go.

Thankfully, the pipe organ was silent tonight. There was also a much smaller congregation (the weather surely was a deterrent). In general, it was a very quiet Mass, pretty much what you would expect from a Mass where most of the prayers are spoken softly.

In fact, it was a little too quiet. I was in the second pew, maybe 10 feet away from where the priest was standing, and I couldn't even hear a whisper. As with some other TLMs I've gone to, the congregation did not say the responses, only the altar servers. I did not feel at all like a necessary part of the Mass, just a spectator.

Once the priest did speak so we could hear, he was pretty long-winded. From the time he finished reading the Gospel to the time he finished his homily, it was over 20 minutes. Something else that was a little off-putting: Sunday was Pentecost, celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit. The only time the priest even mentioned the Holy Spirit was when he crossed himself at the beginning and end of the homily. Maybe after that morning's Mass with it's focus on Mary, I wasn't exactly impartial.

The entire Mass was 1 hour 15 minutes, unbelievably long for a Low Mass.
As with Fr. Saguto, this priest looked very crowded at the altar. If they really want to do this, they need an altar table that is bigger than a TV stand.
After Mass, the priest returned for the May crowning. It probably would have had a little more impact if the statue of Mary was more than 2 feet tall. It looked really silly seeing him reverently bless and place a crown smaller than the palm of his hand.

My rating: 3 out of 5
I wasn't disappointed per se, but I can tell that they are still trying to fit this square peg into a round hole.

Also, I wanted to follow up on last week's post. At Sister Diane's advice, I have started attending daily Mass and daily Eucharistic adoration.

The week got off to a good start, but then I got hit with a springtime cold. I missed Mass on Wednesday through Saturday, and missed Adoration on Thursday and Friday (Friday, I was home sick, so I missed pretty much everything). I was feeling a little discouraged, and really had to force myself to go to the Adoration chapel in Greenwood.

I think that God knew I needed some motivation and inspiration, and he sent it to me in the form of St. Francis De Sales' Introduction to the Devout Life. I'm still in the first chapter, and I'm already starting to reap the benefits. Between Saturday and today (Monday) I've felt a connection with the Presence of Christ that I have never experienced before.

I had another unique demonstration of God's Providence yesterday. After Mass, I needed (well, wanted) to go to Eucharistic Adoration. Rather than drive over to St Luke's or all the way down to Greenwood, I took a chance and went over to Little Flower Parish on the east side.

I went in and knelt down to pray the Rosary, but hadn't gotten through the first decade when the other people left. There wasn't anyone else on the schedule, so I had no idea how long I was going to have to stay there. For the time being, I had Jesus all to myself.

After a half-hour, well after finishing my rosary, I had settled down with a book of Psalms and was just sitting a comfortable silence, waiting to listen to Jesus. The church is being refurbished, and the wind was glowing outside, so there was all sorts of creaks and rattles. It was a little unsettling.

Somewhere in the noise, I finally heard Him, and for no other reason than a desire to please Him, I began to pray the Litany to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In that rather long prayer, I was able to talk to Him and tell Him how much His love means to me. By this time, someone else had showed up, so I knew that I could leave when I was done. The thing is, I didn't want to. I stayed and sat in silence for about five minutes after I finished the Litany, just basking in His love.

I was supposed to go to the monastery yesterday, but since I was still recovering from my cold, I canceled the trip. I was reminded that it doesn't matter where I was; God was still with me.
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