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I had a wonderful day yesterday at the monastery.

I had a nice talk with Brother Luke (vocations director), and he gave me some good suggestions on readings and how to stay active. I took a nice hike in the woods, read a bit, and spent most of day in prayer and adoration. It was tough tearing myself away at the end of the day. At least I'll be back there in three weeks, God willing, for the installation of their new abbot.

Now it's Monday, and I just don't feel like doing a blessed thing. I've got to cut the grass and trim the edging today, do some housework and laundry, got to Mass and adoration, and take a walk. Instead, I slept until 10:00 (slept until 12:30 on Saturday), and I'm still in my night clothes, goofing off on the computer and watching TV. I'm just not motivated to do much of anything today.

Maybe it will rain and I'll have an excuse not to cut the grass and do the edging. I could always go to the mall after Mass and adoration and get my walking in there.
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