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A long-lost one-hit wonder

The Unforgiven - "I hear the Call":

I was first introduced to this band by a buddy of mine from Rocky Horror. They were a southern-fried hard rock band from California, and I don't remember ever hearing them on the radio. It's too bad; this song is just a sample of the seriously kick-ass sound they had. The video really doesn't do them justice.

The band's one and only album was released in 1986, on LP and cassette only; no CD release at the time. As a result, we wore out three(!) copies of this album listening to it in his car over the course of several years. I think we got a speeding ticket once while listening to this band and screaming through a Garden State Parkway toll plaza (thank heavens there was no swingarm gate, or we would have had to get a new grill as well). If anyone in my friend's list remember Gumball and I, the road trips from Hell, and blasting this song from his Cavalier or my Skylark on the way to and from Nyack while we sang at the top of our smoke-blackened lungs, drop me a line.

It was remastered and re-released on CD last year, so I think I may be paying Amazon a visit.
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