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Short and sweet

I was going to write a few long-winded entries about today, but I realized three things:
1. It would take way too long to capture in words all of the experiences of today
2. I can be boring as hell when I ramble on.
3. Nothing good happens after 2am, so I'd better not push my luck.

Instead, here are the bullet points:

Went to an ordination Mass today at the cathedral in downtown Indy. The building is uninspiring, the music is unimaginative, but the Mass was very moving. I was blessed by the new priest afterwards, which grants an indulgence of 100 days, so I guess two hours of my time shaved three months off my stay in Purgatory.

Went to work in the afternoon. Nothing difficult, just some routine maintenance. I'll be back there tomorrow (well, actually later today) to finish the job.

The reason I left it half-done: I had the opportunity to visit Kat. We went to Outback for dinner, then drove through the flooded roads of Franklin on the way to visit her boyfriend J. Hung out with him and his family for about an hour and half, and got to see how much he and Kat love each other. Afterwards, went to Denny's with her and E, drank about a gallon of coffee, and was thoroughly amused by both of them telling war stories about work. I'm really glad I got to visit my friends.

All in all, the day started off well, had a mundane midday, and finished the evening on a high note. The plan for tomorrow/later today: Go to Mass, go to work, go to bed.
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