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I'm a dork, but I'm a happy dork

Kat stopped by the house earlier. I gave her her birthday gift (a DVD of a movie I know she likes), and she gave me a gift as well: whoopie pies.

If you don't live in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Indiana, you probably don't know what whoopie pies are. They are unique to the Amish culture (although I guess they make something similar in New England). Easiest way to describe them is that they're kind of like Hostess Suzie Qs, but the cake is not as squishy, they have a lot more filling, and naturally, they are hand-made with no preservatives. I first had them when I went to college in Lancaster County, PA. They are usually chocolate, but some Amish families make them with pumpkin, which I love.

Kat brought me one of each, and my face lit up. Ya know, with friends like that, I think I'm gonna be OK. After she left, I was actually doing a little sing-song, "I got whoopie pies, I got whoopie pies". I'm such a little kid.

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