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The business trip from Hell

I have just returned from one of the toughest business trips of my professional career. I won't bore you with all of the details, but I'll hit some of the highlights:

Our flight last Sunday from Indy to Newark NJ was supposed to leave at 1:50pm. Due to weather delays and some air traffic control complications, we didn't leave the ground until 10:30pm. By the time we landed, got a gate, got a rental car and got to the hotel, it was nearly 3:00am.

What I walked into Monday was a picture-perfect cluster fuck. A few weeks earlier, our company sent a network technician out to setup the network and electrical cabling. He set the network cables up all right; on the WRONG FUCKING WALL! I had to throw cables over pipes and ladders from one side of the warehouse to the other, then hang big signs on it that said "CAUTION" and "DO NOT MOVE". As for the electrical, it was a tangle of old household extension cords and power strips. If I plugged my computers into those, I would have fried them for sure. I had to run to Home Depot and buy $200 worth of heavy duty industrial power cables, then run them from a junction box nearly 100 feet away. I was so worn out by the end of the day, I canceled my dinner plans with a friend in NYC (this was on top of canceling dinner with my mom and sister the night before)

Tuesday was the pinnacle of fuck-ups, and it wasn't even my fault. My coworker took the rental car keys to get something out of the car, and instead of personally handing them back to the driver, she gave them to "someone" to put in the driver's bag, which was in an office with a dozen other bags. That was the last anyone saw of the rental car keys. Take as guess as to whose name was on the rental agreement. I proceeded to spend the next nearly two days trying to get the car towed to a dealership and getting new keys cut and programmed.
(There was one bright spot to Tuesday. I got in touch with my friend Gumball (his actual nickname), and we hung out at his apartment with a few old friends bullshitting about our misspent youth. I haven't laughed so hard in years, or had such a nice time with some dear friends. I'm hoping to make it more than just a once-every-two-years occurrence).

Wednesday wasn't too bad, relatively speaking. However, I spent way too much of it jacking around with the rental car company and trying to find a tow truck driver who would be able (or willing) to hook up a car with no keys to unlock the transmission. We did manage to have a nice evening, though. There was an corporate reception at the Harvard Club in NYC, so we took the bus into the city for some schmoozing with the executives, then did a crawl through Times Square.

Thursday was supposed to be my day off. I was planning on going into the city for our big fashion show, then visiting St. Patrick's Cathedral, Little Italy, and a few other fun places. Instead, I sat at a dealership for three hours while they towed the car and redid the keys. Because the earlier part of the week was so screwed up, I then spent the afternoon catching up on all of the work I was supposed to have done on Monday and Tuesday. I did manage to have a little fun; I went out to dinner with mephron, then stopped by my friend Highlander's place to visit him, his fiance, and his (formerly my) one-eyed cat.

Friday and Saturday weren't too bad, but by then, it was too little too late. We were all beat-ass tired, and the only fun thing I did was have dinner with Mom and my sister.

I got home tonight around 8:00, and have spent the evening taking a looooong hot soak in the tub, doing laundry, and catching up on LJ and email.

For those of you who I promised I would see when I was back east, I'm sorry if I missed you. For those of you who I reconnected with, it was a lot of fun, and I'd like to do it again real soon. For everyone else, let this be a lesson; never, EVER let someone else get their hands on the rental car keys.
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