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And I was having such a good weekend

Some asshole broke into my car and stole my laptop yesterday.

I am so pissed at myself. I parked my car in an area along the Monon trail, then went walking for two hours. When I got back, I noticed my drinks cooler was gone. I thought I must have put it on the roof and drove off at some point, so I was annoyed. It wasn't until I drove away and was reaching into the back for a towel that I noticed my laptop bag was missing as well.

Let's see: a $1400 computer (property of my employer), a $40 wireless mouse, a $50 flash drive, a $70 Bluetooth headset, various network cables and odds and ends...oh yeah, and $200 cash. This just fucked up my week, and my finances.

I may not be on LJ much this week. They're going to try to get me a replacement laptop, but it will take a little bit. I'm posting this from my old computer, the one with the cracked screen, broken keys and slow-as-molasses processor, and it's a real pain in the ass to read and write through the dripping LCD on this computer.
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