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My precious is back...sort of

After nearly a week of not having a laptop, the company has issued me a replacement.

It's a similar model to my other one, but it's not quite the same.
The old one had a 15.4" screen; this one is a 14.1.
Oldie had dual core 2.0ghz; newbie is dual core 1.8ghz.

Of course, some things are the same:
Both have 80GB hard drives (I would have preferred 120gb)
Both have WXGA disply, max resolution 1280x800 (which means I have to do a lot of scrolling, especially when remoting into other computers with higher resolutions. I really wanted WXGA+ or WUGA)

Still, beggars can't be choosers, and with the smaller size, at least my shoulder will get a little releif.

I get to spend the afternoon reinstalling all sorts of programs, then spend the weekend configuring it for the home wireless and trying to remember all of my bookmarked sites. Fun, fun, fun.
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