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...and a good time was had by all

I just returned from my friend Ron's birthday bash. I honestly hadn't planned on staying out all night and well into the following day, but being one of the relatively sober and non-stoned individuals, I had to do my duty to keep an eye on the others, especially when the guests decided to go for a 2am swim in the pond.

I arrived at 7pm, didn't leave until noon the next day, and barely got 45 minutes of sleep in between. I won't go into all of the boring details, but there was an abundance of good food (brats, brie, and peanut satay chicken), many, MANY bottles of very good wine (including an absolutely fabulous white Bourdeaux; must remember that), lots of free-spirited people, 16000 firecrackers (that's not an exaggeration; that's what it said on the three-foot-tall box) and we even had our annual visit from the EMTs when someone passed out due to dehydration (when will they learn? When it's this hot, at least try to drink some water between glasses of vino).

It's too friggin hot and dry to cut the grass, and I'm too friggin tired to try to go to the movies today. I'm going to take a nice refreshing shower, crash out for about three hours, and make my way to an evening Mass somewhere.
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