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Off the wagon

I sort of fell off my diet-and-exercise wagon over the past few days.

I've been trying REALLY hard to watch what and how much I eat, drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and go to the gym or the walking trail. I had even managed to go without unhealthy desserts for three weeks (I don't consider yogurt, cottage cheese, and fruit smoothies as unhealthy).

Well, since Ron's party, I haven't been to the gym, I'm down to less than a liter of water yesterday and none today, and my eating has been atrocious. I sort of binged on breakfast and snack foods last night (three egg omelette with cheese and mushrooms, four slices of cinnamon toast slathered with butter, and half a canister of potato snacks), and just wolfed down a sleeve of chocolate-covered donut gems.

I've got to quit obsessing over it, just put the binge past me, and start fresh with lunch. Time to seek out a salad. I also HAVE to go to the gym tonight. I've been lazy long enough. Besides, Tuesday is my no-TV, no-Internet night, so a good long workout is exactly what I should do.
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