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Frickin OW!

I did my usual Saturday walk on one of the multi-use trails in the Indianapolis area (this time, the White River Greenway. Start at the Eiteljorg Museum, follow the river all around IUPUI and up to 38th St, then back down). Every week, I have a set goal based on the trail map, and every week, I try to push myself just a little bit farther, taking some side paths or taking the long way around by walking on city sidewalks. This week, my goal was to walk a little over 10 miles. When all was said and done, I wound up doing about 12 miles.

I was keeping up a good pace, averaging over 4 miles an hour. I was feeling good, until I got to around the 10 mile mark. That when the blister that had been forming on my left foot decided to pop.

Normally, I don't stop for anything short of a car crash in front of me, trying to muscle up and make it to the end as fast as I can. Once that blister blew, I didn't walk a half a block before I started limping. This was right around the time that my exhaustion and dehydration level was starting to peak. The two were just too much. I had to sit down and drink something. Ten minutes in an Au Bon Pain slugging down a fruit smoothie and a half a liter of water helped to replenish my fluids and my energy.

Once I started out again, I was feeling better, but my pace was way down, probably to about 3 miles an hour. For me, that a crawl. I finally made it back to my car, later than I had planned and visibly in pain. Once I got home and pulled off my sock, I could see that the blister ran all along the toe ridge of my first three toes, and every step flexed that area and rubbed the skin a little bit more.

I think I'll spend the rest of the evening with my feet up, and lay off the long-distance walking for a little bit. That, and quit wearing cheap-ass socks from Wal-Mart on these long hikes. I think I need to take a road trip to the sock store in Brown County and stock up on some well-made, well-padded athletic socks. It's a nice drive, and the quality is worth the cost.
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