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Two sides of the canal

There is a canal (long-since disused) which runs through the center of Indianapolis. Over the years, the part in downtown Indy has been cleaned up and built around, and now there is a rather nice canal walkway. The northern half, on the other hand, is still rough, running through some shitty neighborhoods and wooded areas, and about a 5 mile stretch is part of the Indy Greenways trail system (the Central Canal Towpath)

Last night, I was at an outdoor movie at a place along the downtown canal walk. People were walking, riding bikes, and a few people were even riding Segways (the two-wheeled scooters usually used by mall cops and spoiled baby boomers). There's a place that rents them by the hour. Anyhow, one of the people on their Segway was hot-dogging, doing spins and zig-zags.
Well, nobody likes a showoff.
Just as the sun was going down, this pinhead zigged a little too fast and too close to the edge, and managed to drive his Segway right into the canal! One thing about Segways; they don't float. As this guy watched, that sucker sank out of sight in a matter of seconds. I think they were eventually able to pull it out, but I was too busy laughing my ass off to see.

Today, I took my weekly walk along the towpath. I was trucking along, a good 10 miles or so, nothing out of the ordinary. However, as I rounded a corner, I saw some very clear evidence that not all of the sweating and heavy breathing occurs in the daylight.
Hidden from view of the roadside, but quite clear to anyone walking on the trail, was some flattened grass, a bunch of empty beer bottles...and a discarded bra. I'm sure if I looked in the weeds, I would have found something else as well, but a Coney Island whitefish is really not something you want to go looking for.
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