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Even an elephant gets moving eventually

Okay, so it's been a week or so since I updated my journal. Procrastination has always been one of my weaknesses, but I knew I would get around to it eventually. So here!

I had a real shitty weekend. No, that is not a pun. I must’ve eaten something Saturday night that disagreed with me. I spent all of Saturday night, Sunday, and Monday morning puking and shitting my guts out. This is how bad it was: I slept through the Super Bowl. I am a huge Giants fan, and under any other circumstances, I would’ve stuck a fork in my leg to stay awake through the entire game, no matter how badly they were beaten. This time, I saw the opening kickoff, woke up occasionally at the end of the quarters or when something loud on TV disturbed me, or when my wife called from work to razz me. On the upside, I think I lost some weight, and in the past week, I’ve drunk enough water to float a sailboat. Not the sort of way I wanted to kick off my weight-loss program, but any port in a storm will do.

The house is coming along wonderfully. I met with the mortgage broker yesterday, and more or less finished up the paperwork. Amazing what a difference 6 months and a recession makes. When I started the process, I was getting a rate of 8.25, and it looked like it was actually going up. Yesterday, I locked in a rate of 7.00, and some of the other money I needed was also reduced. On the financial side, I’m a little more comfortable than I was.

As far as the actual house, it still needs some work. They did the brickwork yesterday, just in time for a biting cold snap to blow through. I hope the sudden change in temperature doesn’t adversely affect the mortar. There is also a lot of work left to do in the house, although now that I think about it, it’s really pretty far along. I guess just seeing it in the harsh light of winter, with mud on the concrete, construction equipment lying around, and no finished model to compare it to makes it seem less complete than it really is.

I have become a Napster addict. I’ve had Napster at home for a few months, and between my wife and myself, we’ve got about 350 files. However, we have a standard 56k dialup connection. Last Friday, I loaded the program at work (T1 line), and I’ve already accumulated nearly 100 files. It’s just so easy to grab a few files while I’m working on something else, and instead of writing down the songs I want, waiting until I get home, getting a connection, and letting the modem take 10-15 minutes for some songs, I just click the Napster icon and let my impulses have free rein. Since my local radio stations sort of suck, and my beloved wife doesn’t share my musical tastes, I can groove to whatever I want. It’s gonna suck when I have to start paying for it, but I should have filled up my hard drive by then.

Trust me; I'm really not as shallow as my journal seems to be. I’m still trying to get comfortable with opening up my soul in this forum. So far, I haven’t posted anything that I wouldn’t tell people in causal conversation. This whole “baring my soul” thing was a lot easier when I kept a journal using paper and pen, when the only person who would read it would be me. Give me time and I might reveal a little more about my inner thoughts and feelings.
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