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Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You

Day 1 of Vacation 2008

Pirating an internet connection from my mom's neighbor. Speed and signal strength are low, so I'll keep this brief.

Left Indianapolis at 7:10am. Normal travel time is about 12 hours.

At Kat's recommendation, diverted from my usual route to check out the Vatican Splendors exhibit in Cleveland. The exhibit was good; I'm glad I took the time. I really liked the display of the vestments, documents, and alter items (chalice, thurible, etc).

For the record, Cleveland both sucks and blows. The industrial neighborhood I drove through stank, and the traffic was terrible. Generally, Ohio as a state is one of my least favorite, and this provided ample reason. Sorry, Buckeyes.

Hit non-stop construction in Pennsylvania. At one point, it took me 45 minutes to go 4 miles. The whole time, I had to make a pit stop (car needed to fill it's tank, and I needed to empty mine).

Even with the new glasses, I still have trouble transitioning from daytime driving to nighttime driving. The gradual darkening of the skies as the sun goes down really messes with my eyes, especially when I'm tired and road-weary. My usual solution is to stop for dinner just before sundown. It's light when I stop driving, and it's dark when I start again. Transition problem solved. If I wasn't running behind schedule, I would have done so tonight. Lesson learned.

Road food consisted of carrot sticks, granola bars, bottled water, and a few of my favorite vices (donuts from Tim Horton's, Tastykakes from WaWa). If time allows, I'll hit the gym tomorrow and walk it off.

With the museum detour and the construction delays, arrived at Mom's in NJ at around 10:30pm.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I need to stop by work for a few hours (long story, to be explained next weekend), go to the gym if possible, then go to Gumball's place. From there, it's a boys' night out in Atlantic City. I'd better get some sleep tonight; I don't think I'll get more than a nap between tomorrow morning and Friday night.
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