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2008 Vacation, Day 4

I went into New York with my friend Glenn. He's a good guy, but a bit of a stick in the mud. However, today he was actually pretty good, as far as being open to new experiences. We took a bus in, and and I think that the ease and convenience of New Jersey Transit was a total shock to him (yeah, he should try it during rush hour in the middle of a snowstorm).

Anyway, once in the city, we went to the Met(ropolitan Museum of Art). I've been there a number of times with Kat, and we even dragged Glenn along once. This time, it was just he and I, so we focused mostly on the European works and some modern art. I also saw the exhibition on superhero archetypes, and was not that impressed.

After the Met, we took a taxi down to St. Patrick's Cathedral. I wanted to pray a rosary, but there was a wedding about to start, so I just had time for a single decade and to light a few candles. It was enough, however.

From there, we headed back to Port Authority through Times Square. I think that was the first time in a long time that I've been in Times Square during the daylight. It loses a lot of it's luster. Plus, Glenn was running out of steam. He had to take frequent breaks from walking; he's around 300 lbs and has bad feet. In a way, that was good for me. If I'm by myself in the city, I tend to walk very far, very fast, and wear myself out. By hanging with Glenn, I had to slow down and take in the sights of the city.

That evening, I went out to dinner with Mom, and later that evening, Ann came over and we had cake and celebrated my birthday. Ann gave me a whole bunch of Family Guy stuff (freakin' SWEET!), and Mom gave me a nice check. Chicago, here I come.

I got to bed around 1:00am (post-dating this entry), so I finally got a decent night's sleep. Today is my travel day, so I have a nice 12 hour drive ahead of me. I should be home by around 10:00, and that big Temperpedic matress is calling to me.
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