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Happy Birthday to Me

I just came back from a frickin awesome evening, and a great way to ring in my 40th birthday.

I'm on a business trip in Wisconsin, and I went out with a coworker. We started off at a bit of a dive bar, where I had a simple dinner (chicken sandwich and deep fried cheese curls) and a few beers.

From there, we proceeded to another bar/restaurant, where we met up with some of her friends. At that point, I started alternating between booze and water. I didn't want to burn out too early.

The topper of the evening was at a wine bar. As midnight (Wisconsin time) rang in, I bought everybody in the bar a round of drinks (not bad, about 20 people. Why the hell not?). We were there for about four hours, where I had many drinks (interspersed with water and juice to keep from getting too out of control) and had what was probably the best way to ring in my birthday.

I returned to the hotel at about 3am. We kissed goodnight (and maybe a little bit more) and I walked in...almost.
I was out so late that they had locked the doors in the lobby, and I was in the vestibule for about 5 minutes buzzing the night clerk to let me in.

I'm tired, I'm slight buzzed, and I am in a great mood. As I said, spending the evening with an attractive coworker was the absolute best way to celebrate my birthday.

I shudder to think what my credit card bill will be for all the drinks we had, but you know what?
Fuck it. I only turn 40 once in my life, and I celebrated it in the best way I could. No worries, no regrets.

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