Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You (tallguy) wrote,
Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You

My house is going to the dogs (edited 8/29)

I had an unexpected surprise earlier this week. My ex-wife, who had taken back her dog some two months ago, told me that her landlady noticed the dog and told her she had to get rid of it (wasn't on the lease, and he barked a bit too much). So just like that, I've got two dogs again.

Kacey has spent the past two or three nights making his mark, literally. He's crapped on the bedroom floor and the dining room floor, puked on my comforter, and pissed in the bathroom and kitchen. He's a sweet dog, but man, does he make a mess!* I was just getting used to having one pet, and the dog piss smell was finally dying down. **

Still, Edison has perked up a little since he's been here, so it isn't all bad. I'll be more than happy to feed him, house him, and play with him, but he's still Kat's dog, so she's got to take him when I'm on business trips. I'm just a foster parent to him, but I'll do my best.

* EDIT #1: I may have been a bit too harsh on my criticism of Kacey. True, he crapped on the rug, but the pissing in the bathroom and kitchen was probably Edison. He's marking his territory and asserting his dominant role in the hierarchy. Kacey has a different routine than Edison, and he was probably cooped up too long in my bedroom. He's a good dog, just trying to adjust to the new / old house. I'll cut him some slack for now.

** EDIT #2: To be brutally honest, I've gotten so used to Edison's stinking up the place that I probably just didn't notice the smell anymore. Before I can do anything with this house, I've got to pull up and throw out the carpets, or at least get them professionally cleaned. Between the two dogs, plus other pets we've had over the years, these carpets are totally trashed.
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