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I was watching the old Emergency TV show on DVD.

Opening scene shows the engine pulling out of the garage bay, with two firefighters riding on the back bumper. First thought that went through my head: "There's no way in hell they could do that today. The nanny state would never allow it."

As they pulled out, they turned on the siren.
A few seconds later, both my dogs started howling.

They showed a scene in the hospital, with all of the nurses in crisp white uniforms with starched caps, and the doctors wearing the most garish ties under equally pristine white labcoats. Not a set of scrubs in sight.

Was there anything cooler that that red biophone they used? Wireless telephone, with connections for EKG telemetry, all in something the size of a tackle box. What will they think of next?

And to think mister straight-laced Roy DeSoto went on to play John Locke's conman father on Lost.

(I just replayed the siren scene. The dogs didn't howl again, but Kacey sat bolt upright, ears perked and head tilting and swiveling like a little doggie radar dish)

I absolutely LOVED this show. This did for firemen what Dragnet and Adam-12 did for cops (no surprise: Jack Webb was behind all three). Any kid who watched this in the 70s grew up wanting to be a fireman, myself included.

Now we get shows like "Rescue Me", a good show but in no way, shape, or form complimentary of firefighters. It's a shame: I have a few friends who are first responders (police, fire, EMT), and they deserve respect and gratitude. As sanitized as it may have been, "Emergency" was really what I like to think of when I see a fire truck screaming down the road, and I thank God when it doesn't stop in front of my house.
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