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Geekage and drinkage

I spent the entire day downtown, and barely saw daylight.

A buddy of mine rented out a movie theater, invited a bunch of friends, and we spent the entire day watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the extended versions.

And I do mean the ENTIRE day. We started at 10:00am, and except for lunch and bathroom breaks, did not stop until 11:15pm. I had seen Fellowship of the Rings a few times, the Two Towers twice, and Return of the King once. This was a fun way to spend a day, but the theater didn't have the most comfortable chairs, so by the end of the evening, by butt and legs were stiff. I was also on the tail end of my head cold, so I was popping cough lozenges and sniffling a bit. Still, a good way to indulge my geek gene.

After the movies, though, I needed to get out and stretch my legs for a while. Plus, after spending the entire day in a room full of guys, I wanted to mix and mingle with the fairer sex. I haven't checked out the bar scene in downtown Indy in a very long time (somewhere on the order of 10 years), and never by myself. Still, I was there, I wasn't ready to head home yet, and the sheer amusement of watching drunk girls on parade was too good to miss.

I wound up having a beer at Claddagh (as the name implies, an Irish pub/restaurant), and another at the Wild Beaver Saloon (a meat market if ever there was one). In between, I walked around, a lot. I realized that while it was nice to have a night out, it really wasn't all that great without some friends to spend it with. I spent more time just walking and people-watching than anything else. After the second beer, I was just walking to kill time and burn off the alcohol until I was clear-headed enough to drive. I wasn't really drunk, not even buzzed, but I didn't want to take any chances.

Now that I'm home, I'm taking stock of the day and evening. Spent quite a bit more than I wanted (lunch and dinner at the mall food court was expensive, and although the beers weren't that bad, I'm a generous tipper). I need to sock that money away for something else I've got planned (some of you know; the rest will have to read all about it after the fact).

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I highly doubt I'll be doing the downtown bar scene again anytime soon, at least not without some friends along. Unfortunately, nearly everyone I know that I would want to share a beer with are on the East Coast, not really convenient to call up on a Saturday night.

I'm also on the wagon for a while. I don't drink a lot, maybe one beer a week while watching football, and this used up my allotment until the end of the month. Also, after three weeks of hearty drinking and eating and erratic or nonexistent workouts at the gym, I need to hit it with a vengeance. Cold or not, I need to spend some time exercising tomorrow, get back on my 3x a week regimen, back to where I was before my vacation.
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