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While I was doing some random Googling and YouTubing, I came across this video by Meryn Cadell. Maryn Cadell was a singer/performance artist in the very early 90s, and this song "The Sweater" was a top 40 hit.

I was a fan of Meryn from the first time I heard her music. Part of it was because I won her CD from a radio station at a club one night, so I got to hear some of her other songs and really enjoyed them. Her voice was bright and bubbly, and she could be comic or serious and moving in her songs.
The other part was, frankly, I thought she was attractive. She had that 1990s Julie Cruise, no-makeup-but-still-pretty look, she sort of reminded me of Tea Leoni (currently Mrs David Duchovny) and would have liked to have seen some other pictures of her than just the one airbrushed one on the album cover. I always lamented the fact that I could never find any of her other albums, and in those pre-Internet days, kind of lost track.

After watching this video, I did some more searching to see what she was up to. Much to my surprise, I found that Meryn has an LJ account. Also, Meryn had changed quite a bit. Here is a paragraph from Meryn's bio:

Also, I have moved along the gender spectrum to live more comfortably as the person I have always been. That means that I am a female-to-male transsexual (FTM)... It's by no means the most defining aspect of my being, but as new people join in and start reading my journal, I'd like them to be up to speed.

Doubt that meryncadell will ever read this, but just in case:
What I read on the second paragraph of the user info took that 20-something fanboy crush and REALLY crushed it for good, but I still love your music. Thanks for some of the best songs of the 90s; you were and are under-appreciated.
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