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Sick dog

There's nothing quite so eye-opening as when you roll over and find a steaming, chunky pile of dog puke on your pillow.

I think Kacey is sick. He's been having wheezing spells, and when he goes to the bathroom, it's been nothing but diarrhea from what I can see. I spent the better part of yesterday cleaning the bathrooms, utility room and kitchen floors from his messes. I haven't changed his diet in months, so I know it's not that. No chemicals in the house or in the yard, so I don't see how he could have ingested anything to make him sick.

Oh, great. I just looked over into the dining room, and there's another surprise waiting for me.
No doubt about it; these carpets are well past saving. I'm thinking Kat had a good suggestion to pull them up and lay down peel-and-stick flooring. At least I could mop up the messes.
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