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Another milestone reached

Went to the gym last night and had a brief (40 minute) workout. I really didn't feel like I was putting forth my best effort, and in fact, I felt like I had been backsliding and not working out hard enough.

After my workout, I went to the locker room and weighed myself, fully expecting to see that I was back over 225.

I weighed in at 219.

I couldn't believe it. I mean, I literally COULD NOT believe it. I walked out the front desk and asked them when the scale has been calibrated, because I thought it was giving an inaccurate reading. They took me to another scale, a digital one, and I reweighed myself.


I think that's the first time since I moved to Indiana 13 years ago that my weight is below 220 pounds.

If I can step up my workouts a little more, and really keep from binging on junk food, I think it's possible I could get below 215 by the end of October, maybe approaching 210. That would bring my total weight loss since the end of June to between 25 and 30 pounds.

This weekend is going to be the real test. I have to buy some pants, and I'm going to try on a size 36. If by some miracle I can fit into those, you'll hear a whoop ring out from the men's department at JCPenney.

EDIT: WHOOP! WHOOP! WHOOP! I tried on a 36x36, and they fit perfectly. I was so happy, I bought 4 pairs of Dockers, 1 in each color they had (and got a pretty good deal, I might add)
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