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Random musings on a Saturday

Just came from morning Mass about a half-hour ago. I was kind of having a tough time staying focused: my monkey mind was jumping all over the place with thoughts of travel, friends, finances, anything but God.

When all those floods hit in Louisiana and Mississippi 3 years ago, and in Texas earlier this month, what happened to the banks? All of their vaults and safety deposit boxes are on the ground floor, and I doubt those things are water-tight; what happens when the water is up to their roofline? Do they transfer their cash and boxes to another location?

I've been letting my hair grow out for the past three weeks, but I think I'll shave it all off again. Maybe it's just my vanity, but having a shiny bald head on top with a brown fringe on the side just makes me look and feel old. Hell, it makes me look my age.

I'm at the library now, patiently waiting for them to put out the DVDs that were returned overnight. Don't know what will tickle my fancy.

I miss diners. I could really go for a stack of pancakes the size of hubcaps, some sausage links (and I NEVER eat sausage), and a bottomless cup of coffee. Denny's just doesn't do it justice. Plus, to be frank, I really would rather be enjoying this meal with someone. A big reason why I don't go out to restaurants anymore is that I hate to eat alone.

Lots of stuff to do this weekend. Shopping at the mall, shopping at the thrift store, going to the gym, cutting the grass, cleaning the car, vacuuming the house, cleaning the floors, putting away the laundry, fixing the fence, cleaning the garage, visiting a friend, taking a walk, washing the dogs, and finally, getting a haircut and taking a bath.
If I manage to do half of these things, I'll be thrilled.
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