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Alright, somebody wanna unfuck my brain?

I had the STRANGEST dream last night!

I was working at a hospital, but it was a "luxury" hospital that catered to the wealthy and high-powered (If you've ever seen the BBC show "Hotel Babylon", picture that, but with a medical staff).
Anyway, the one uptight asshole starts giving me grief because his room isn't quite the way he wants it. I'm just a computer guy: I was just there to give him his laptop. I wound up talking to him through gritted teeth, and told him that I would do what I could.
I go storming downstairs to the employee canteen, and it's my mom's dining room. Mom is there, along with my uncles, aunt, sister...and my real-life boss, all sitting around the dining room table playing pinochle. I fume that I need a cigarette. My boss is laughing and smiling, but everyone else is staring seriously at their cards. I reach into my uncle's shirt pocket to grab one, and he never takes his eyes of the cards.

Right around that time, the dogs woke me up.
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