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Political correctness gone awry

A Hispanic group is filing a public protest against the cartoon character "Speedy Gonzales", claiming that it perpetuates negative stereotypes against Hispanics. Specifically, it claims that it is offeneded by Speedy's friends, who are characterized as lazy drunken womanizers.

This goes hand in hand with this complaint: The makers of The Simpsons are facing legal action after Rio de Janeiro's tourist board complained about an episode that made fun of the city. It showed the main character Homer being robbed by street children and kidnapped by an unlicensed taxi, and monkeys overrunning an orphanage in the Brazilian city. The tourist board said it could take a joke - but that the episode went too far and undermined [their] advertising campaign to attract visitors to the city.

OK, boys and girls. All together now:


God dammit, I hate people who can't take a fucking joke, and I REALLY hate it when they have to take legal action becuase they don't have a sense of humor.
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