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Single no more

Some of you on filtered posts already know this, but now I feel comfortable posting it in the open:

I have a girlfriend.

It's a little complicated (OK, it's a LOT complicated), but she is someone I met through LJ a number of years ago. We have what could probably be considered a chaste relationship, in that we hardly ever see each other (only met in person once), but there doesn't have to be physical intimacy for there to be some powerful, passionate feelings.

I could write a whole novella about what has taken place in a fairly short period of time, but I would rather let the circumstances of our introduction, friendship, and courtship reveal themselves in the fullness of time. If you really want to know, go ahead and ask me. Not promising I'll tell you everything (what happens on the back porch stays on the back porch), but I've been singing her praises from the mountaintops, metaphorically speaking, so I may hum a verse or two if you ask nicely.
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