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Friday night at last

Holy Hassenpfeffer, but it feels good to sit down and relax.

Without question, this has been one of the most exhausting weeks I've had in about six months. Lots of ups and downs emotionally, but thank God, with a very good outcome. A fair amount of physical strain as well; I kind of overdid it at the gym last night, so my back and shoulders have been stiff and sore all day. Finally, parts A and B combined to result C, a lack of sleep.

Just had dinner, sort of. Just grazing in the fridge, eating little leftover bits of cheese, bread, and some soymilk. If anyone wants to order me a cheese pizza and send it my way, I wouldn't mind :)
EDIT: Actually, I think I'll skip the pizza. When I give in to my vices, I really go hog-wild, especially when I'm tired and my mental filters are down. The last thing I need is to wolf down an entire pizza, wash it down with a beer or three, and let myself go.
So if I can change my order to a green salad and a bottle of Fresca, I'll take that instead. Don't worry, I'm a big tipper :)

Other than heeding the call of nature (my own as well as the dogs), I don't think I'll be moving any further than the path from my chair to the DVD player, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if I drifted off to sleep in the next hour or so. The dogs can let themselves out after that.
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