Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You (tallguy) wrote,
Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You

It was a night out...sort of

A friend of mine called me earlier tonight, inviting me to hang with them downtown. They were saying they were going to have something quick to eat, then go hit the bars.

I'm not really much for the bar scene lately, but I was happy to be the designated driver.

Well, their idea of a "quick bite" was dinner at Palomino's, kind of an upscale restaurant. I showed up in jeans and a nice shirt, and I immediately felt underdressed. Against my better judgment, I split a gourmet pizza with them. Not bad, but a bit greasy, and WAAAAY overpriced.

After that, we had to rescue their car from the parking garage, which was closing in a half hour. Once they got the car, I told them to drive to my car parked on the street, and they could have my spot. I swung my car into an alley, parking illegally with the flashers on while I stood in the empty space waiting for them to pull around. People were cursing me out since I wouldn't let anyone else park there. In a typical comedy of errors, they wound up parking someplace else, and I had to do a quick lap around the block to get my spot back.

For all that effort to find a parking space, we went to only one bar, had one drink, and called it an early night. Turns out they really don't like walking in downtown, and frankly, that's half the fun. I was half-tempted to stick around after they left and hit one or two places on my own, but it really is no fun by myself. Besides, I wanted to get home myself so I could chat with Sandy. (how things have changed, that I have to go home and get on the computer in order to have a social life).

I think the next time they invite me out, I'll pass. I could have saved my time and money and had more fun watching TV.
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