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A good morning

I got up for the early Mass this morning (my old priest was celebrating the Extraordinary Rite in Latin, and I always enjoy seeing him), so I was done with that by 11:00. Considering the fact that I usually don't even get up on Sunday before 11:00, I had a bit of extra time.

I decided that one of the things I really miss about Jersey is having a Sunday breakfast of pancakes and coffee at one of the countless diners. Well, there's no diners here, but there are a few decent "family restaurants" that come pretty close. I drove down to Greenwood and stopped at the Four Seasons Restaurant. The joint was bustling, so I sat at the counter.

Just what I needed. I was shoulder to shoulder with some of the old-timers who had been coming there for years, I was about 5 feet away from the coffee station so my cup was never empty, and I got to soak it all in while reading the Sunday paper. Listening to wise old men in their 50s and 60s talk sports and politics, I chimed in with a few choice comments. The owner and hostess chatted with the customers in Russian and Polish accents, and I felt like I was back in Wallington at Zombie's (Tommy's) Diner. The food was decent, too. Four huge pancakes with butter and syrup, a bottomless cup of coffee, and the bill was only 9 bucks. Add in the tip and the newspaper, and I had a filling breakfast in friendly surroundings for around 13 bucks.

I think I've rediscovered a Sunday routine. Maybe not every week, but certainly someplace I'll become familiar with. I need one of those "Cheers" places, where everybody knows your name. Nice people, good food at a fair price, and it sure beats cold cereal at home alone.
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