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Taking a time out

I've reached a point lately where I need to just walk away for a while from the computer-based and telephone-based existence I've been living lately. My brain and emotions have been whipsawing lately, and I'm worn out. I'm taking a hiatus from technology, and letting things settle down in my life while I remember what the real world is like.

I'll be disconnected from Messenger, and won't be able to chat or email when I'm at work. IF you send me an email, I probably won't respond for several days, except work and job-search related ones. If you happen to see me online, please pretend that you don't, because I won't be able (or willing) to chat.

I probably won't be on LJ or FaceBook either. I'll catch up on selected friends' posts later, but no promises as to who or when that will be.

I'm close to my limit on text messages (all these "yep" and "okay" messages are killing me), so I won't be sending any. Please don't text me unless it's really urgent, as in 911 urgent. And I probably won't be answering or returning phone calls for several days. Don't take it personally, I'm pretty much ignoring everybody who isn't a job recruiter.

I'm doing this because I've been dealing with too many conflicting voices and versions of reality, juggling my priorities and questioning what I see and hear and who to trust. This break will give me some time to sort things out and decide what and who is really important in my life.

I've been living in a dark room for too long, illuminated only by the glow of a laptop or cellphone screen. I need to get out of the easy chair and see the light.
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