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A wake up call

Got a call from Glenn, a friend of mine from the "old days" who I haven't spoken to in a month or so.

Apparently he almost died last week.

Doctors don't know if it was some sort of reaction to food, medicine, airborne irritants or some sort of exercise-induced attack, but as he was driving home from the gym, he went into anaphylactic shock. His blood pressure bottomed out, he couldn't breathe, and couldn't see. He managed to pull off the road, but couldn't even dial his cellphone. Someone finally came to check on him, they called 911, and he was rushed to the ER. He just got out of the hospital, after spending three days in intensive care and another three days in a regular room.

Glenn isn't very good at returning phone calls or email, so when I left him a message last week, I joked "Hope you're not dead or something." Now I feel really bad, and a little scared. Glenn is a year younger than me, and if someone hadn't come to his aid, he very well could have died out there alone.

It makes this "self-imposed isolation" bullshit seem incredibly stupid. I have an abundance of friends who are concerned for me and my emotional well-being, and I deliberately cut them off. God knows what would have happened if I got hit by a bus or something in the past week.

For all of you who I care about and who care about me, I pray that I never take that for granted, and I'm sorry if my behavior of late caused you any worry. The time-out is officially "over", and I'd like to get back in the game of life.
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