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Need sleep

this post will be in all lowercase, as i am too tired to use the shift key.

i don't know what it is. i am just dog tired today. i don't think it's from a lack of sleep. since i started working a second job in november, i usually get around 6-7 hours sleep on the nights i work (and even in the nights i don't; i usually watch the news). last night was no different. home by 11:00, in bed by 11:05. i vaguely remember waking up at 3:00, probably from a cat stepping on me, but i went right back to sleep. i was up and out of bed by 6:45 this morning, and out the door by 7:45. as i was driving to work, however, i just felt myself getting more and more tired, and just have been dragging my ass around the office like an electrified cadaver.

maybe it's still the aftermath from last night. my task was to redistribute several carts of beer and wine coolers onto a pallet. not too difficult. about halfway through, i picked up a case of beer by the handles, and one of the handles tore and i dropped the case, breaking a single bottle and making a small mess. ok, slightly embarassing and smelly, but not too bad. i clean it up and continue. ten minutes later, i pick up a case of smirnoff ice, and the handle on it breaks as well. two bottles bounce off the floor and pop their tops, making another mess. grumble, grumble, another cleanup. half-hour later, i pickup a six pack of smirnoff ice, one from the case that spilled. the bottom of it falls out, and all six bottles hit the floor and shatter, leaving a 10-yard diameter mess of spilled booze and shattered glass. at that point, my manager suggests i leave the rest of the product on the cart, clean up the mess, and take my break. i do just that, so rattled by the chain of events that i am a zombie for the rest of the night. i am literally afraid to go near anything breakable for fear that my mere presence will cause it to come crashing down around me. i was never so glad to be done with work as i was last night at 10:00. of course, i have to go back to work again tonight, so all new disasters await.

i just wanna go home, curl up under the covers with various warm and furry animals (including kat, even though she's not furry), and just sleep the next few days away. ain't gonna happen, though, so i better suck it up, get some more coffee, and get back to work.
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